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  • Custom Curtains
    We make your dreams a reality. We’re your one-stop source for custom window coverings and much more. When choosing custom curtains, don’t compromise.
  • Blinds
    European Upholstery Inc. provides custom window treatments for your home including blinds, shutters, shades and drapes. Call today 719-632-5928.
  • Upholstery
    European Upholstery Inc. prides itself on continuing a strong family tradition to produce a quality piece of furniture. We make your dreams a reality.
  • Custom bedding
    Turn an ordinary bedroom into an extraordinary bedroom with custom bedding! Your perfect bed doesn’t come from a bag. Quality materials and workmanship.

Straight from the owner

I have been taught by my Father who is a Master Upholsterer from Europe–former Yugoslavia. He was 13 years old when he left home and went to trade school in Novi Sad. There he was trained, finished his Mastery apprentice program and received his certification of completion for Mastery of Upholstery. He migrated to the U.S. in 1961, and started his own business in 1962.

I literally grew up in the trade as a child in a bassinet next to my mother at the shop as she seamstress for my father. She also learned the trade at the same time as my Father, at the same trade school. As I grew older, I began to strip furniture and eventually learned the trade under his watchful eye. I was 9 years old, when I was working professionally, after school and during the summer. After graduating from high school, I was working full time. My level of expertise, is vastly different and greater because of my level of training. My father has retired, and we have expanded the industry to ” a one stop shop for everything in the home”. We, my wife and I, do more than my father has. We have worked for celebrities and dignitaries across the U.S. and internationally.

We are not your typical Upholstery shop. We do the regular upholstery and far more. We have fabricated pieces from photos, sketches, and dreams. We do think out side of the box. That is what separates us from everyone else. We make your dreams a reality. For those who value excellence, we are waiting for your call.

Phillip and Emese Bodjanac
European Upholstery Inc.

our mission

The mission of European Upholstery Inc. is to achieve the customer’s
vision of the design as well as the functionality of the window treatment.